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Dee I pencil 2.png

I use the minimally essential amount of lines

to celebrate the essence of these dazzling creatures. And an iPencil. 

Installation. Manny's Bistro, NYC...

Portrait tony danza 2 dee abrahamsen.png

Tony. Guest Crooner at Manny's Bistro. Even Lady Liberty swoons.

1 Mannys Marilou.png

MaryLou. Of stage, screen, bookshelves and a keen memory.  

1 Mannys James.png

James. Metropolitan Opera, Tenor.

Portrait amanda & river dee abrahamsen.png

Amanda. Renowned cellist and her constant service companion River. 

1 Mannys manny copy.png

Manny. Jazz devotee and owner of the newly named best new French Bistro in NYC

1 Mannys Yuja.png

Yuja. Classical music's Rock Star with a repertoire as long as her gams. 

Michael. Actor. Musician. Buddhist.

1 Mannys Cindy.png

Cindy. Icon. 

1 Mannys SJ.png

SJ. Bestselling Mystery Writer and her cat. 

A smattering of individual commissions ...

Pinchas. World renowned violinist.

Portrait charlotte.png

Charlotte. Anniversary celebration of all she loves.

Halle. Farewell to her St John The Devine school peacocks off to retire to the country.

Rose. Med student. Tiara fan. On her way to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Portrait silke and kaitlin wedding dee abrahamsen.png

Silke & Kaitlin. River bank wedding. One Guest.

Izabella. Personal trainer. Lila, lounger. Both beach bums. 

Amanda. Amanda's composer dad now visits her from beyond as a fly. 

Lucia. The smallest swimmer with the biggest dreams.

Susan. Champagne and fashion loving Aussie.

Mary. This once professional ice skater now glides in to rescue dogs. 

Ann. Dreams of culinary classes in Rome.

Portrait baby nyc jungle with bird dee abrahamsen.png

Stephanie. New Yorker. New Mommy. New apartment. New baby.

Girls nyc window view green sky dee abrahamsen copy.png

Self Portrait

Dee, she said, you are too old to start something new. I had not confided in my friend that at the age of sixty-two I had decided to become a ballerina. I had confided that writing and drawing had rested far too long within me. A bear, stretching from his slumber in search of the sweetest berry. Persistent, my friend. Dee, do you know how many writers and illustrators there are in New York City alone? The chances of success are equal to the chances of the sky turning green. And I thought, the sky can turn green? How lovely.

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