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Raised in a generation taught to deflect compliments and at all cost avoid bravado, the task of an about-me! page, for me, is as wearisome as being stuck in a sticky-stinky-summer-subway. With all due respect to my beloved New York City, I want out. I find that any difficult task is best accomplished with a Gray Papaya hotdog. So. Mustard on and muster up.

D is a moniker given me by a friend. It is not even a name. A mere letter. Though every good word begins with one. Delightful. Diligent. Determined. To my mind, fewer words hold the greatest impact. The least amount of drawn lines the greatest expression. Thus, the six eyelashes. In both existence and creativity my greatest pursuit is subtlety. I like to trim every superfluous syllable or drawn line. I also liked to trim trees when I had a yard. Trimming lets the sun expand the small seed.

Dee overalls living off the asphalt nyc dee abrahamsen.png

I live off the asphalt of my birth now where not even skyscrapers can shadow ones' dream. If one possesses big enough shears, that is. Where once I trimmed branches, I now trim doubt. At sixty, I cradled a shiny new iPad home. Can you change my life? I asked it. The iPad answered Yes. It did not lie. 

Since that day, my writing has appeared in magazines, albeit as a ghost writer. Though most recently I snagged a gig with the Italian Lifestyle Magazine, All Roads Lead to Italy, byline et al. My illustrations and portraits have been commissioned by NYC restaurants, residences and the Plaza Hotel. Occasionally I am photographed. The asphalt brims with surprising idiosyncratic oddities and an onslaught of inspiration. I am besotted. Now if I could simply snag that book deal, I'd be golden. I was just shy of my sixth decade when I went at this new endeavor with intent. The decades before spent in advertising, photography, and in the children's department of a big bookstore with a green awning. I write about the past quite often, though I do not wish to live there. I intend the future to hold words, drawings and sitting until the onset of prohibitive arthritis. 

©️dee abrahamsen illustration Dee as spy.png

I also spend a bit of time creating cartoons and books for little ones. At the moment - top secret, unless you possess the title of Producer or Publisher, of course. Because a woman should keep some mystery but never be without her smarts. 

©️dee abrahamsen illustration Dee about me unplug stage light.png

She said modestly.

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